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The art of destillation

The art of destillation
2 May 2017 Eric Verhagen

The quality and therapeutic properties of essential oils or flower waters are highly dependent on the quality of the biological plants, the distillation technique and the good storage. That is why quality is achieved at different levels.
First, the organic flowers are picked and carefully selected to achieve the required quality criteria. In order to maintain the superior qualities of the fresh plant material, they are immediately transported to the distillery, where the distillation process begins immediately.

Alteya Organics employs experts who continuously improve our distillation technology to ensure that we maintain the valuable therapeutic properties of the plant. Each step of the distillation process has been checked to ensure maximum quality. Each step has been extensively tested to give you the guarantee of the best oil. When the essential oil or distillate is ready, it goes to a government-designated laboratory for final assessment and certification. This ensures that each batch of volatile oil or flour that we produce is tested for purity and quality by gas chromatography analysis and laboratory tests.

We are working hard to ensure that Alteya Organics creates products that are superior to those of other companies in our sector. Another important point that distinguishes us from most other natural and biological companies is that we comply with the strict USDA standard. Needless to say we endorse within the company the strict production process and the policies and procedures to be followed to ensure that each of the production meets the quality control within our company, our staff and, where applicable, controlled by external laboratories. We are dedicated to expanding our activities by providing superior quality, safe for the environment, skin and body care products, as well as aromatherapy ingredients to satisfy the needs of our customers.